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My computer works fine until I even so much as run Mumble, and then very shortly, 2-3 minutes into usage, my computer starts crapping on itself. My mouse teleports, audio glitches, and the system runs much slower.

However, it's very sporadic, although quite constant and crippling.

Mouse movements were sporadically unresponsive, audio would sound glitchy, as if frozen (think: going to a demo tick sound repeating, but much worse), and the screen would freeze.

This happens every few milliseconds, and doesn't stop.

Old Full AT Server Case 1900 @ 1764Mhz 768 MB OCZ 3000 RAM (cas 2.5) OCZ Golliath w/Delta 8000rpm HS, 32C Idle ~42C full load Soyo Dragon Ati 8500 (303/300) .52 drivers 2Hot Swap 20GB UWide2(sghst) 4Drive WD 80Gb 7200 RAID 0 Antec 500W PSU () (-/ 2% flux) Lite-ON 24X CDRW, Lite-On DVD, LS-120, Fire Wire Large white kitchen sink C-media Sound (sold the audigy crap) Hacked Brkstn Anti-noise fourrier analyser w 4spkrs mounted in case.

I just got the e VGA 133-K8-NF41 Socket 939 NVIDIA n Force4 SLI ATX AMD MOTHERBOARD FREE with my EVGA 7800GT and I wonder how good is it in OVerclocking? I did a quick search and the Vcore goes up to 1.55v and then you can add another 0.35v by use of "CPU Vcore 7-Shift". had the card for like 299.99 one day (299.99 for card, plus free combo mobo - shipping not included) , then the next day, i went back and looked again, and in big letters read "FEAST on MASSIVE MARKDOWNS!

DJSystem (haven't been updated for a while) I didn't even know e VGA made mainboard, but what is the world comming to when you start getting free mainboards with not even the top line GFX card!!! n Force4 voltage up to 1.7v like most other boards. How well it'll overclock kinds depends on the BIOS now. Was going to get it when it came *FREE* but most places I seen didnt offer it for free which is COMPLETE BS, since its offered free from EVGA and not the retailers.

By using a Hot-Spare your RAID will skip the first two very important steps and then run steps 3, 4 and 5 automatically.

Thus the rebuild will be done before these other critical steps that work to ensure that your data is safe.