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How do other shift workers cope with trying to meet and date people around your work schedule? Did it affect your decision to date the person in the first place?I can understand some peoples wish not to date shift workers.My husband, Tony, gently touched my shoulder as he asked, "What's wrong? On the Sunday afternoons when Tony's work schedule required him to work all night, my attitude turned sour. That moment launched our quest to recognize and overcome the problems that shift work created in our family. Pans clanged as I fixed Sunday lunch for my new husband and stepdaughters. I need to go to bed for a while," Tony reminded me. Nearly two years into our married life, we realized what it was.Plus my workplace runs 24/7/365 and with shift work, Sat/Sun/holidays are often hard to get off.(I get 1.5 weekends a month off)It makes it very hard just to meet people as well.

There were times he regularly worked overtime on the 12-hour rotation.I work rotating shifts that don't have much opportunity at all to go out after work due to the hours.So for 5-6 days at a time, unless the woman's hours are flexible during the day (or throughout the week), it's hard to get together.D., author of Singlism: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Stop It. are single, why do companies continue to cater to their employees who are married with children? A growing number of single workers are asking the same thing: An August 2011 survey by the Center for Talent Innovation found that 61 percent of women ages 33 to 47 without kids believe that their parent colleagues receive more flexibility at work.According to De Paulo, "singlism" represents the myriad ways that our culture rewards married couples, from discounts on car insurance to preferential treatment in the housing market, while treating singles as second-class citizens—and it's increasing in the office. While businesses are increasingly sensitive to helping parents manage their time, they still assume, says De Paulo, that "single people don't have lives. The biggest hurdle this job presents to us as a couple is the schedule.