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For example, note the following passage from an early TACCH training manual about the use of behavioral techniques in classrooms for students with autism and other disabilities: Our experience has taught us that it is a mistake to confuse operant conditioning techniques for changing behavior with programming special education for autistic and similar children. This verbiage is clearly dated and the philosophy of the TACCH developers and trainers has undoubtedly shifted since the original publication, but more recent comments still emphasize perceived fundamental differences in philosophy and practice between ABA and TACCH (Mesibov 2001). The following conclusion in a popular ABA-based training manual typifies the strong partisan messages to which parents and professionals are often subjected: Nonbehavioral special education classes have not been established as effective treatments for children with autism (Maurice et al. Ironically, this text earlier discusses the ferocious ideological warfare (Maurice et al. 6) which dominates the autism world, a point of view with which we strongly agree. Despite the claims and counterclaims of some advocates, trainers, and other representatives of these leading autism program models, to our knowledge it has never been firmly established that the fundamental philosophies and practices of ABA and TACCH are, indeed, oppositional and/or non-complementary.

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