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Kenya is a huge place, so if you had to find your ideal sex meet-up by yourself it would be a mammoth task.

Dating someone richer than you

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Even if you don't meet a guy who strikes your fancy in this way, the networking benefits of making rich friends can lead you into the right circle.

Country clubs, golf courses, dog races, art galleries, and expensive department stores are other places you might try paying a visit to.

When it's true love that's at stake, money shouldn't be factor; right?

I'm not dating him for his money but I just feel intimidated. You might want to ask to go to something more medium-range, and contribute, even if not exactly half-and-half.

It’s no news that women are interested in settling with financially secured men or men with potentials but over time, it has been established that men also prefer to marry women who are equally sound financially or have great potentials.

The question however remains as to what extent a man would prefer his wife gets richer especially since most men opine that rich women are often disrespectful or have ‘attitudes’ towards their husbands.

Fortunately or unfortunately, when women have a lot of money, they tend to be somehow disrespectful …” I just want a woman who is OK but the potential is there to be rich, for us to be rich together.

She’s ambitious, she’s a go getter, she’s entrepreneurial.