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Google spreadsheet formula not updating

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Take one spreadsheet, liberally sprinkled with event name, description, start and end times, an optional location, and maybe a even a tag or too (not shown): The time related columns I specified as a date type using the “Data Validation…” form from the Tools menu: Now take one Google apps script: (This was largely a copy and paste from Sending emails from a Spreadsheet Tutorial, which I’d half skimmed a week or two ago and seemed to remember contained a howto for bulk mailing from a spreadsheet, and the Apps script Calendar class documentation.) And here’s the result of running the function: The email tutorial adds a bit of gloss that allows a further column to contain state information about whether an email has already been set; we could do something similar to specify whether or not an event has been automatically added to the calendar, and if not, add it when the function is run.

These [various things] will all then have their own Google calendar so they can be looked at individually, embedded etc and everyone could of course have access to all and view them all via their personal Google calendar, turn different calendars on or off, sync with Outlook etc.Update: Would like to Thank Everyone for the support!:-( When I tried using CSV data from a Yahoo RSS2CSV proxy pipe via a formula, the test function I’d written didn’t appear to recognise the date format…I use Microsoft Money to keep track of our portfolio, the components of which are spread across RRSP, Group RRSP and investment accounts.Microsoft Money is quite good at many tasks (such as keeping track of transactions) but is useless when it comes to others.Editors Note: We’ve updated this post to reflect Google’s move to a new version of their spreadsheet application.