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The 1851 census recorded John’s occupation as “clerk”.

How to radioisotope dating

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When an isotope emits a beta particle, it decays to a daughter with an atomic number one unit greater and an essentially unchanged atomic weight.

When an isotope emits an alpha particle, the resultant daughter product has an atomic number two units less than its parent's atomic number, and an atomic weight four units less than its parent's atomic weight.This is because I-131 is a major fission product of uranium and plutonium, comprising nearly 3% of the total products of fission (by weight).See fission product yield for a comparison with other radioactive fission products.For this reason, high doses of the isotope are sometimes less dangerous than low doses, since they tend to kill thyroid tissues that would otherwise become cancerous as a result of the radiation.For example, children treated with moderate dose of I-131 for thyroid adenomas had a detectable increase in thyroid cancer, but children treated with a much higher dose did not.Approximately 50 of these are found in nature; the rest are produced artificially as the direct products of .