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Gemini dates in astrology are from typically May 21 to June 20.

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Note: If the min Date parameter is after the currently selected moment the currently selected moment changes to min Date parameter to set the components options massively or the other methods for setting config options individually.

Takes an object variable with option key:value properties and configures the component.

As I wrote in the title a restriction by min and max dates doesn't work (I tried to set a min date too).

I don't sure but maybe it is due to a cutom validation code.

Below you will find a description and some docs how you can use the datepicker.

If you find any weird things, please create a ticket at github or fork and fix it!

true - automatically generates a mask on the field 'format', Digit from 0 to 9, set the highest possible digit for the value.

Moo Tools Date Picker is a nice modular and themable Date Picker.

It has many features and options, such as year, month, day or timepicker only modes, min and max dates, Localization and a lot more.

I'm following the tutorial / example given (see but when trying to prevent users from selecting dates earlier than today or greater than 3 months from today doesn't seem to be working correctly as these are still clickable. I've written the ng-model, min-date & max-date values to the interface to make sure these are not null) What version of Angular Bootstrap are you using? @brandonjp: Maybe this isn't in the datepicker documentation, because this isn't a datepicker specific validator but a "normal" angular validaor.

I noticed I had to upgrade to 0.11.0 to get min and max date to work.