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The Hong Kong paparazzi has been on the hot trail of Raymond and Karena’s romance since the Love is…Pyjamas costars were spotted on a date together in July 2012.

Last month, Karena’s high-profile attendance of Raymond’s “A Time 4 You” concert sparked rumors that she is ready to flaunt her status as Raymond’s girlfriend.

16 Feb – With his relationship out there for the public to see, Raymond Lam can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

According to Popular Asians website, the actor told the media that he has meticulously planned his schedule in order to fly to Japan with girlfriend, Karena Ng.

The actor, who had recently wrapped up his January concert, revealed his thoughts on his newly public relationship, saying, "Although work is important, my personal life is also equally important.

I hope to be able to openly hold my girlfriend's hand on the streets when we're out on a date.

It prompted the aggressive Hong Kong paparazzi to do a widespread pursuit on Raymond’s love life.

After almost a month of being intensely tailed by and chased down by the paparazzi, Raymond has finally decided to come clean and announce that the “BB” he was talking about is none other than someone he met on the set of All along, I did not explain things non-related to my job.

Linda indicated that she was slow in getting to know her costars. Our characters were very popular during Moonlight Resonance. To us, this was a television masterpiece, especially the first installment.A Purity Untouched In an earlier interview, Steven spoke about his three good friends, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Fala Chen (陳法拉), and Linda Chung, whom he regarded as god-sisters.Raymond Lam (林峯) announced today that he is dating 19-year-old Karena Ng (吳千語), hoping to put a stop to the last 3 weeks of negative press regarding his “BB”.Since declaring their romance, Raymond has been open about professing his love for his young girlfriend and showerin..., Linda and Raymond’s rumors spread so intensely, leading even insiders to wonder if they were truly a couple.Tabloids speculated that Raymond was even partially living together with Karena, and paying for her entire family’s living expenses at luxury apartments.